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We're Changing How Liquid and Solid Waste is Disposed Of

Chemishield is a cloud-based waste management software that prevents the mixing of incompatible waste streams for both liquid and solid waste. Our audit ready, cutting edge software enables the efficient and worry-free disposal of harmful liquid and solid waste. Chemishield ensures both your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is never disposed of incorrectly as it helps you to easily predetermine your waste streams and their disposal locations. Our built-in 2 step verification process reduces human error, while it also offers built in CLP Compliant Labelling and end to end reporting across your entire waste life cycle.


Whether you are an EHS, Lab or Manufacturing Manager, Chemishield allows you to create custom waste streams, import your waste database, invite users, create waste locations and view in-depth analytics regarding disposal behaviors.

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Dispose of your waste in seconds without thought. Chemishield will identify the correct bottle, bin or sink for you. You’ll never put your waste where it should not go with Chemishield.

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Chemishield offers a wide range of features and provides realtime data on your waste

Chemishield helps you to optimize your entire waste disposal process offering insights on waste locations, waste streams and your waste substances.

Simplified System

Chemishield is optimised to work on mobile and desktop for ease of use

Audit Friendly

Chemishield captures all events detailing the who, what, where, when sequence of events

Enhanced Features

With Chemishield's premium features, you can have access to a complete suite of tools that provide more functionality than competitors at a fraction of the price

Powerful Reporting

Drill down on your waste trends for insightful reports allowing for better decision making and organisational improvements

Two Step Verification

Eliminate errors completely with our fool-proof verification system preventing disposal accidents

Varying User Access

Easily control user access for managers, technicians and disposal operators

How It Works

Chemishield's Waste Disposal Process


Select the type and quantity of waste for disposal


Chemishield identifies the correct waste stream


Scan the QR code to confirm the correct waste stream


Dispose of your waste with confidence


Disposal Operator is sent a real-time notification


Waste is collected and removed from site


Powerful Insights & Reporting

Chemishield offers reporting functionality to allow you to drill down on your waste disposal trends while identifying opportunities for efficiency and improvements.

Reduction in Accidents100%
Reduction in Disposal Costs33%
Reduction in Disposal Time55%
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End to End Management & Streamlining of your Waste Disposal Process

Chemishield ensures all your hazardous and non-hazardous waste is disposed of safely and efficiently with built-in reporting and CLP compliant label printing.
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What To Expect From Working With Chemishield

Disposal Safety Guaranteed

Intuitive Software

Reduced Costs & Time

Improved Efficiency

Customer Service

Peace of Mind

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Find out how we're changing the world of liquid and solid waste disposal or delve in to an update on the latest features coming to Chemishield.

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Chemishield is a SaaS waste management software that prevents the mixing of incompatible waste, making facilities safer, greener, compliant and efficient.

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